Global expansion for legal network

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Strategy more than doubles member firms worldwide

Interact Law is an international network of specialist law firms, who appointed Simlai to assist with its business development plans for global expansion.

Simlai devised and implemented a business and marketing strategy that recognised a global demand for the network’s services, which originally had 11 firms within Europe.

In approximately five years, the network doubled its membership base, with partnerships formed with new firms in Africa, the Middle East, USA and Latin America. Between 2012 and 2018 the network expanded to 40 firms across the globe.

Implementation of the business strategy included researching new territories and potential partners and relevant reporting data. Marketing services included a re-brand, new website, marketing and communications between network partners and the board of Directors.

Simlai also organised and presented at Interact Law’s bi-annual global conferences, with the events hosted in different cities on each occasion.

Caitlin Alice Ure